Our Philosophies

Phrases, themes, and thoughts that drive the Vickers team

“We are a Service Company – not a Manufacturer”

There are hundreds of companies that have the same equipment we use, what makes us better is how we service our customers.


The key to a successful project launch is recognizing what questions to ask, and asking them.

“Bad News First”

We believe working closely together in all facets of a project protects our customers best interest – and that includes communicating potential problems we may experience. Together, we have a greater chance in protecting our customer’s best interest in a problematic situation, not on our own.


We will stay disciplined to our model of maintaining a diversified customer base in the form of the industries we serve, and the type of work we perform. Our ability to weather any financial storm is a comfort to our customers.

“Hire the best people available”

A team attitude and intellect is the key, we can teach them the rest.

“It’s Cost, not just Price”

Our ambition is to work with customers who understand cost is the key. Working together we can drive down our cost, which will lower price.

“Remain coachable”

Our customers typically have access to more ‘best practice’ ideas in the marketplace than we do. Why not learn from them?

“Stay flexible, versatile and nimble”

We need to react and change quickly to our customer demands. This will never change. Reacting quickly is part of our culture.

“Do what you say you’re going to do”

We take our commitments to delivery and service personally. It’s who we are.

“The first time we make a decision on what’s best for Vickers, as opposed to what’s best for our customer, it’s the beginning of the end….”

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